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A Don't Hug Me County Fair

By Phil Olson, Book & Lyrics; Paul Olson, Music

Genre: Musical Comedy
Runtime (Min/Max): 100 - 110 Minutes
Cast: (Male/Female/Other): 3/2/

Synopsis: The summer sequel to the smash hit musicals, Don't Hug Me and A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol. This year the Bunyan County Fair means one thing to Gunner and Clara Johnson, owners of a little bar called The Bunyan; The Miss Walleye Queen Competition. Bernice, the pretty waitress, sees this as her big chance to win Miss Walleye Queen, to be discovered, and more important, to have her face carved in butter at the Minnesota State Fair. The trouble begins when Gunner's wife, Clara, decides she also wants to win Miss Walleye Queen. When Gunner's estranged twin sister, Trigger, shows up to try to win the beauty pageant, things get ugly. Featuring 16 original songs including, "My Campfire is Burnin' For You," "I'm a Bunyan Woman," "If I Could Win Miss Walleye Queen," "Pontoon Ladies," "I'm Just a Pretty Forest Ranger," and "Our Butter Face Queen." "It's wonderful!" - Dick Clark, TV Icon "This extremely funny and charming musical has more genuine laughs per minute than any recently staged comedy presented within the Los Angeles area!" - Accessibly Live "GO!...Crowd pleasing!" - LA WEEKLY "Riotously funny!" - Norwegian American Weekly "A fun romp that is bound to be a popular superhit!" RECOMMENDED! - Grigware Talks Theatre "I love to laugh, and I did!...It is just the sort of play that an earnest, energetic small theatre company would love to mount!" - "A howl-a-minute hoot!...Following the success of Don't Hug Me and A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol, which both tour the U.S., this is the third in the series. In my opinion, this is the most outrageously zany and riotously entertaining of the trio!" - Tolucan Times "I laughed so hard my sides hurt!...I loved it!" - American Radio Network "You won't want to miss the fun of this third trip to Bunyan Bay!" - Stage Happenings "Phil Olson's jokes are as frequent as mosquito bites. They just keep coming...I laughed so hard and so often that I might have damaged some of my sturdy Norwegian innards!" - LA Comedy Examiner "Thigh slapping fun!...Go see it!" -LA Taco "100% Sweet!" -

Notes: Available for licensing thru Samuel French Publishers at (212) 206-8990. This is a stand alone musical that doesn't require the audience to see the previous Don't Hug Me musicals to thoroughly enjoy it. No need for a band. The musical comes complete with fully orchestrated music on a cd.

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