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Out of the Rubble

By Dale Griffiths Stamos

Genre: Drama
Runtime (Min/Max): 12 - 10 Minutes
Cast: (Male/Female/Other): 2/1/

Synopsis: It's Thanksgiving, the food is getting cold and Louise has returned again to the burnt out remains of her home to search through the rubble. But for what? That is the question her frustrated sons ask her, but the answers they get are far from what they expected.

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Notes: Produced as part of the North Park Playwrights Festival, San Diego, CA. Produced as part of The 24 Hour Plays -For the Holidays - Pacific Resident Theatre, Venice, CA, 2008. Produced as part of Thicker Than Water: 6 short plays about family by Dale Griffiths Stamos, at Promenade Playhouse, Santa Monica, CA

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Barbara Bain, D.B. Sweeney in Out of the Rubble - part of Thicker Than Water, at Promenade Playhouse

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