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Pepperoni Apocalypse

By Jonathan Dorf

Genre: Dark Comedy
Runtime (Min/Max): 9 - 12 Minutes
Cast: (Male/Female/Other): 4/0/1

Synopsis: Terry, Fritz, McHale and Jonah, members of an apocalyptic cult, have sold off most of their earthly goods, sent the women and children to Cleveland and are holed up in their compound to await the end of the world. According to their calculations, it's coming in just a few minutes. They pass the time trying to figure out how it all might end: floods, nuclear war, etc. McHale guesses "chaos," a suggestion pooh-poohed by the others as vague, wishy-washy. They stop the game on that sour note and wait in silence. At the expected moment of doom, there's a knock at the door. A Pizza Delivery Guy arrives with a large pepperoni pizza. The cultists mistake it for the apocalypse and begin to quarrel over it. As they argue, the Pizza Delivery Guy slips out with the box, and mistrust and growing chaos send the cultists careening toward their own personal apocalypse.

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Notes: While originally written for 5 male actors, it is possible for women to play the male roles. Minimal set and tech requirements. Suitable for high school and up.

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